About the Process View Page

Last Updated: 12/05/2018 Introduced in Version: 2.0


The Process View Page provides a snapshot of where a process resides. The name and the description of the process display, and its current state is in the upper right of the screen. The current assignment is shown under “Assignments.” The originator of the process is shown as well, and a timeline on the right shows the progression of the flow data steps, complete with what user processed the step and at what time.

Actions available:
  • Under the Add menu, you have a few options: Add contacts, add a document, open a chat. 
  • If this was sitting at an assigned form, there would be a button to access the assigned form to process that step.


The manually-created root folder The Process Folder contains flow-generated process folders.
To access the Process View Page for a process, click on the folder that was created for the process data.

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