Multi-Tenancy: Register a Customer

Last Updated: 01/14/2019 Introduced in Version:

Set up a Customer Contract, Tenant and Account. Before a Multi-Tenant Contract can be Setup first Set up a Multi-Tenant Environment., see the attached link.




Creating Your First Tenant

In the designer, Folders locate Hosting> Customers and right click to open up menu options.


Select Register Customer from the action menu to begin the set up of a new contract.


Next, navigate to Hosting>Customers right click and select Register Customer to register a new customer.



When a customer is registered, different Modules can be selected by navigating to the Modules section. Use the scroll bar to search for the desired Module and check the box as needed. 

  • Note: the Module must be installed in Decisions before it can be integrated with. For more information on installing Modules in decisions see attached link.

Installing Modules in Decisions


The next step is to Create a Hosting Definition. 



Installing Modules in Decisions

Multi-Tenant Setup

Create a Hosting Definition


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