MSCRM Module

Last Updated: 06/06/2018 Introduced in Version:

In Decisions Portal navigate to the System > Administration > Features Folder, locate Decisions.MSCRM  module and select Install Module action.

Note: to install Module in Decisions please read the following document.

Select YES to begin install

Then, System notifies that MSCRM Module was installed and Service Host Manager has to be restarted. We restart Service Host Manager.


Add connections by editing the CRMsettings located in System>Settings then in the MSCRM Settings
Enter the following fields Connection name, Organization URL, Domain, Username, and Password.  The connection will be tested upon creation.
Then add entities by navigating to System>Integrations>MSCRM and right-click to select the Add CRM Entity button. Edit Entity settings.
The CRM Entity Name should contain a full list of entities. If not, check configuration of connection.
Selecting OK will generate a type for the chosen entity.
New steps (Create, Update, Get By ID, Get All, Delete) will appear in the flow designer, under Data>MSCRM> <connection name>

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