Making an Assignment Appear at Startup

Last Updated: 05/03/2018 Introduced in Version: 2.0
 Assignments requiring an immediate response can be configured to appear in a popup when a user first logs into the portal. To configure an assignment to appear at startup, select the assignment and, in its Actions menu, select Manage > Show Task At Login.


In our example, we will assign ourselves a basic To Do assignment and then configure it to appear at startup. Click Actions > Add > Entity > To Do (Assigned To Me).



In the To Do (Assigned To Me)  popup, fill in the Add a To Do Assignment and Description fields and click OK.



Since the To Do assignment is assigned to us, a popup notification of the assignment will appear in the upper right corner of our screen.



This is the only noticeable alert we will receive about this To Do assignment. To make sure we notice the To Do every time we log in, select it in the Tasks panel and, in its Actions menu, select Manage Assignment > Show Task At Login.


Now when we log out and log back in, a My Startup Assignments popup appears. In this popup we will find our To Do task that was created in this example.




To complete the assignment and make it go away permanently, we will click Mark Complete. In the Mark Complete popup click Yes.



The To Do task is now complete and the task is removed from the list of assignments in the Tasks panel.


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