Login Page Customization

Last Updated: 03/28/2018 Introduced in Version:

This document demonstrates how to customize Login page in Decisions.


In this example, a new logo has been selected under System > Settings > Portal Settings > Logo. But the logo is small… We are going to customize the Login Page.

First, we go to Program Files > Decisions > Decisions Web Host. Files that we need to edit are Login.aspx and css Folder.

We then navigate to the css Folder.

In css Folder we navigate to login_css Folder.

Then, open master_login.css file.

Style lines that we need to edit are: .login h1 and .login h1 img

We change them as following:

In .login h1 we change background property to #FFFFFF (white).

In .login h1 img we change margin to 0px and set width and height for our logo.

Then, we save and close this file. Next, open and edit Login.aspx file. Locate login_logo element and change max-height value to be more than your logo height. Save and close Login.aspx file.


Our Login screen should now show the new logo size.


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