Interceptor Outcome Rules And User Interactions

Last Updated: 11/06/2018 Introduced in Version: 4.0

This tutorial demonstrates how to implement User Interactions to handle Intercepted Data in Decisions. To follow the example the Intercepted Data should already have been created. Intercepted data is stored in the Rule Set Results Folder. The next step is to create a handler to be able to fix intercepted data and continue the Flow.



This example demonstrates how to create an Action on Intercepted Data allowing users to fix invalid data and continue the execution of the Flow. Begin in the Rule Set Folder by selecting Setup Rule Set from the Folder Actions Panel.


 Setup Rule Set properties and scroll down to the Outcome Options section and add a new Defined Outcome Path called, (Manually Approve). Any Defined Outcome Path from a Rule Set becomes an outcome from Run Rule Set step in our Process Flow and an Action on Intercepted Data in Rule Set Results Folder. We click Ok to save Rule Set Setup and continue.


After an Outcome Path is defined the Outcome path will appear as an action in the Rule Set Results Folder.



Select an Intercepted Result and select Manually Approve to complete the Flow. This will open up the Form that allows you to Approve or Deny the Intercepted Data. 


When the Form shows either Approve or Deny the application. This will complete the Main Flow process. 


After an action is taken to either approve or deny or edit, the flow will continue to process and the Intercepted data will clear out of the Rule Set Results Data Folder.



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