Installing Custom Module

Last Updated: 06/06/2018 Introduced in Version:

Begin by compressing the folder that contains the module files. Then place that zip file in C:\Program Files\Decisions\Decisions Services Manager\CustomModules 

Note: to install Module in Decisions please read the following document.

In the Decisions Portal navigate to the System > Administration > Features Folder, locate the newly added module My Custom Module and select Install Module action.

Installed Features folder view presents a report of Installed Modules on the left hand side and a report of Available Modules on the right hand side.

Select YES to begin install

Then, the System may or may not have a pop-up notifation that requires that the My Custom Module was installed and Service Host Manager has to be restarted. We restart Service Host Manager.

The module can now be located in System>Settings and then by selecting it you can make any necessary edits. 

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