Installation of an Agent

Last Updated: 05/04/2018 Introduced in Version: 2.0

Warning: Setting up Agent involves very detailed settings and every provider and customer environment is different.  If Agent is new to you, it may take time and several attempts to get all of the identifying data and settings correct to allow for secure and reliable authentication.  We recommend making sure you have someone from your organization with experience in Agents and your IT infrastructure available to streamline the process.  Our support team is available to help, but may not be not be able to answer questions or solve problems that are unique to your company.

An Agent is an autonomous software program that performs a well-defined task. Install and register an agent in the portal by navigating to the folder System > Designers > Agents and clicking the Add/Register Agent button.


In the example, we install and register an agent that we name Decisions Management Agent.

We begin by navigating to the folder System > Designers > Agents and clicking the Add/Register Agent button.


In the Register Agent pop-up, we enter a title and click OK.

In the entity actions menu in the lower right, we select Download Agent.


We run the agent installer that has downloaded.


Once the agent is installed, we access the machine’s Services, and start the agent’s service.



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