Fetching Data From Database to CSV File

Last Updated: 08/17/2018 Introduced in Version: 2.0


Database entities represent external databases which can be integrated with a flow and then displayed on a CSV file. In this example, we are going to fetch data from the database into a CSV file. Next the data from the database will display on a form using a CSV editor step. 


Fetching data from a database and then displaying the data on a CSV file can be assembled in two steps in the flow designer.  In the flow designer navigate to Integrations > My Integrations > Database > Accounts(Database) > dbo_entity_account (Table) category and select Get all from dbo_entity_account step. Select Add to add this element to the flow.



In order to convert the data from the database to a CSV file set the property to CSV File and choose to limit the count to a constant if needed. 


After the Data Return option is selected on the Get All from entity_account Step, create a form to display the data in CSV form. On the form use a CSV editor component to display the specified data as a CSV file.



In the Flow Designer set the input data on the form, Select Entity_account_Result.



Our Form opens in the Debugger. We can see that CSV Editor component displays fetched from database accounts as we designed. We click Done on the Form




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