Editing Base Form

Last Updated: 04/10/2018 Introduced in Version: 2.0

The Base Form is an empty form with canvas layout, 800 pixels wide x 600 pixels high. It is the default form created when a user creates a form without using a template. The layout, size, and attributes such as color and background, can be customized. When a new form is created that uses the base form as a template, a copy of the base form is used. Therefore, changes made to the base form going forward are not automatically applied to existing forms that use the base form.

In this example, we will change the layout of the base form from Canvas to Grid. The Grid layout allows us to set guidelines to help with the formatting of our form by resizing each row and column in the grid.
To begin, from the folder tree on the left, navigate to System > Designer > Catalog > System Defaults.
Select the Form checkbox located at the top of the screen in the Types: list to filter the entities.
Click the Edit link that appears on the Base Form.
By default, the form has the least restrictive layout type Canvas. To change the layout within the Properties panel under Layout choose your preferred container type. 

 Save and close the base form.

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