Version 8 Features
  • 17 Aug 2023
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Version 8 Features

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New Features and Enhancements

Latest Improvements

See the newest changes, bug fixes, and new features in the release notes.

UI Update: Portal, Studio, Visual Designers, and Element Gallery

The UI/UX has been updated to create a modern feel, including a new sidebar for quick access to Favorites, Recent items, the System Folder, and more.

Process Mining Integration

New for v8, Process Mining provides the ability to discover processes, pinpoint problems, and oversee optimizations. Available only to Enterprise-level customers.


For Enterprise-level customers v8 sees the return of Multi-Tenancy, an architecture in which a Control Instance of a software application serves multiple Tenant Instances, as well as the advent of simplified local machine installation via the Multi-Tenancy Provisioning tool, as well as the ability to integrate Active Directory with Multi-Tenancy. Customers interested in upgrading can refer to Multi-Tenancy: Upgrading a v6 Environment to v8


With the Docker module, Enterprise-level users of v8 can now use Containers. Containers use the Docker module to allow users to run an application regardless of the native environment of the application.

Truth Tables Rule Designer

The Truth Table Rule Designer now offers Header Actions, merge cells, and an option to return only the last row for Flow step and Rule Set, along with performance optimizations and bug fixes.

New Simple Form Controls

  • Data Grid
  • Data Repeater
  • Design Driven Input Controls
    • Combo Box
    • Multi Select Combo Box
    • Multi-Select List
  • Design Driven Buttons
    • Open Sub Dialog Button
    • DataGrid Add and Remove buttons


  • Microsoft .NET 6 (v8.0 - v8.8) 7 (v8.9+)
  • External Caching for High Availability Environments


  • Self Service Licensing
  • New Portal Design
  • Mapping Editor Rewrite 

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