Using URL Paths With Pages
  • Updated on 03 Oct 2014
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Using URL Paths With Pages

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Decisions URL's paths system were designed to provide user with powerful navigation control in the System between Folders, Flows, Rules, Pages, Reports, Forms and much more using wide variety of additional options like Security and View.


We can use PageId and PagePath parameters for the base URL to view Pages in Decisions.
First, we need to get our Page's Id. To get page's Id we locate its Thumbnail in the Designer Folder and then from Thumbnail's Action menu we select Manage > Get Page ID submenu


From the resulting pop-up window we copy Page Id to the clipboard and click Ok to close this pop-up window.

To build our URL we use our base url and pass PageId parameter with its value:

View Page by ID:


Similarly, we can use PagePath parameter to view our Page with URL. In this case our URL would look like: 
Mention, we include Folder Name/Page Name as a value for our PagePath parameter.

View Page by Path:

Next, we can use PageId and PagePath parameters to edit our Pages. To accomplish it we need to and second parameter to our URL. This second parameter is Action with its value edit . So our URLs would look as follow:
Using PageId: http://localhost/decisions/?PageId=f015e643-ffd7-4b7a-9bbb-9b7034e1f912&Action=edit
Using PagePath: http://localhost/decisions/?PagePath=Designer_Folder/Test%20Page &Action=edit
Next, we can Preview our pages using the same URL structure from previous example except passing preview value to Action parameter.
Our URLs should reassemble:
Using PageId: http://localhost/decisions/?PageId=819c124e-88e8-42b7-802f-6e1635fa451d&Action=preview
Using PagePath: http://localhost/decisions/?PagePath=Designer_Folder/Test%20Page&Action=preview

Preview Page by Id:


Finally, we can find all integration options by calling Page's Integration Details. We can call it using URL as well. We build our URL same way as we did in previous example but this time we pass viewapi value into our Action parameter.
Our URLs look as follow:
Using PageId: http://localhost/decisions/?PageId=f015e643-ffd7-4b7a-9bbb-9b7034e1f912&Action=viewapi
Using PagePath: http://localhost/decisions/?PagePath=Designer_Folder/Test%20Page&Action=viewapi

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