Translating Help Text Messages for Form Fields
  • Updated on 09 May 2013
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Translating Help Text Messages for Form Fields

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Help Text messages provide additional instructions for using a form control. They appear when the user's cursor hovers over the form control.
To translate a help text message into another language, navigate to the System > Administration > System Data > Languages > Master Translation List folder. If a folder does not already exist for your desired language, add it. Help text messages that have already been created in the System > Administration > System Data > Help folder will automatically appear in the new language folder. Select the message for which you'd like to create a translation and select the Set Translation action.


Our example translations will be from English to Japanese. Our example assumes that two help text messages - Please Help Me and Thanks have already been created.
In the portal, navigate to the System > Languages folder.

Because Japanese is not represented in our list, we will click the Add Language button.

In the New Language pop-up, we will fill in Name with "Japanese" and click Add Language .

A subfolder - Japanese - will appear beneath System > Languages . Select it and find, inside, your help text messages.
To add new strings to translate navigate to System > Languages > Master Translation List. Select Add String to Translate.

In the dialog type a message and select Add.

Next, select a message, in our example: Please Help Me and select the Set Translation action.

In the New string translation pop-up, fill in String to translate with the Japanese translation of the help text message. Then click SAVE .

Next, select the second message: Thanks - and click the Set Translation action again.

As before, in the New string translation pop-up, fill in String to translate with the Mandarin translation of the help text message, and then click SAVE .

Our translations are complete. Now, when a user has set their language preference to Japanese for this form, the translated help text messages will appear in place of the English messages. Creating translations for additional languages is as easy adding the language and filling in the translated messages.

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