Toolbox Visibility Rules
  • Updated on 27 Jan 2015
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Toolbox Visibility Rules

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This tutorial demonstrates how to filter Categories and Subcategories in the Designers’ Toolbox. Visibility Rules can be applied to Rules, Forms, Pages, Flows and Reports. This example demonstrates how you can set visibility rules specifically to  a tool box. Setting up a rule for the tool box will restrict viewers ability to see specific categories. The Rule can be set so that the administrators tool box will not have the filters in place.  In order to accomplish this we need to create a specific Toolbox Rule that can filter Toolbox Categories in the desirable Designer .


In this example we are going to create a Toolbox Rule for the Report Designer . With this Rule enabled we should only see Categories that start with “C ” and Subcategories that start with “Account ” in the Report Designer’s Toolbox.
If we look at the Toolbox in the Report Designer , it contains numbers of Categories and Subcategories by default…


In order for the Administrator to see changes when Toolbox Rule applied we need to make sure that Disable Filtering For Administrators setting is unchecked . We navigate to Settings > Designer Studio Settings in Portal


In Edit Designer Settings window we locate All Designers category and uncheck Disable Filtering For Administrators checkbox. Then, click Ok to save and close Designer Settings window.


To create a Toolbox Rule we navigate toDesigners > Toolbox Customization > Element Rules in Portal .


Then, we click Add Toolbox Rule button on the Folder Actions Panel.


In the resulting pop-up window we name our Rule and click Ok to proceed to the Rule Designer.


In the Rule Designer we can Enable or Disable our Toolbox Rule by checking or unchecking Enable checkbox in Settings category.


In the Start Rule dialog on the workspace we click Add New Rule Step button.


First, we need to create a Phrase for this Rule that defines which Designer we want to use this Rule for. Therefore, we pick type and click Next .


In the resulting Verb definition window we expand Equals category, select Is verb, and click Next .


Finally, we select Report Constant Value for this Rule Phrase and click Done .


Next, we Add Either/Or Group condition for our Rule .


Then, we Add Condition for the Either part of Either/Or Group in the Rule .


In the Phrase builder we pick isCategory variable and click Next .


In the Verb definition window we expand Logic category and selectIs True . Then, click Done to complete the Phrase .


In the similar manner we Add Condition for the or part of Either/Or Group in the Rule .
Again, we select isCategory variable in the Phrase builder, and click Next .


In the Verb definition window we expand Logic category, and select Is False verb this time. Click Done to finish the Phrase .


The main logic for our Toolbox Rule is defined. The Rule will work only in theReport Designer . Then, the Rule will filter Categories (isCategory Is True ) and Subcategories (isCategory Is False ). But this Rule will not apply any filtering for Categories and Subcategories at this point. We Add another Condition for the Either part of Either/Or Group in our Rule .


This time we need to create a condition for Categories’ name. In the Phrase builder we select name variable and click Next .


In the Verb definition window we expand Text Rules category and select Starts With . Because this Rule will Filter Out everything on True outcome, and we want to keep all Categories that start with “C ”, we check Not checkbox to evaluate the Rule with opposite results . Then, we click Next .


In the resulting window we input “c ” as a Constant Value for this Rule Phrase . Click Done to complete the Phrase .


Similarly, we Add second Condition for the or part of Either/Or Group in our Rule .


We select name variable in the Phrase builder again, and click Next .


In the Verb definition window we select Starts With from Text Rules category and check Not checkbox. Then, we click Next .


Finally, we type “account ” in the Value textbox for this Rule Phrase. Click Done to complete the Phrase . We can ignore the case.


This completes our Toolbox Rule . It should look as following…


If we open Report Designer and expand Data Sources in the Toolbox , we can confirm that there are only Categories that start with “C ”. We expand Common Category and validate that only Subcategories that start with “Account ” are available for us.


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