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Getting Started With Decisions

  • Updated on 13 Mar 2019
  • 1 minute to read

Congratulations, you have installed Decisions!

Now, it is time to familiarize yourself with the Decisions designer studio. Navigate to Designers Overview to dive in.

Step 1. Start with Designers Overview article to see the variety of the available Designers.

Step 2. Learn how to create a Designer Folder and add some entities to it like Flows, Forms, and Reports in the Adding Forms, Flows, and Reports to a Designer Folder article.

The following set of tutorials will guide you through each Designer in more detail.

  1. What is a Designer Folder?

  2. If you would like to create a process take a look at Creating your First Flow .

  3. Do you need to add some conditions or business rules to your process? Visit the Creating your First Rule and Creating your First Truth Table

  4. If your workflow requires interaction with a user, such as getting input data, you will need to add a form to your process. To learn how to do so, visit the Creating your first Form Flow

  5. Now, you have a Form. Next, visit Assigning Form Interactions as Tasks and Using Assigned Forms For User Information Approval articles to learn how to create assignments and tasks.

  6. Next, when your workflow process is created, you will probably want to report data. To learn how to do so by visiting the Creating your First Report and Quick Add Elements in Report

  7. Finally, to learn how to unify desirable data and display it in a presentable way, please visit Creating your first Dashboard and Creating your first Portal Page .

  8. When you become familiar with Designers, let’s walk through some key features of the Portal in the Portal Overview

Congratulations, you now have the knowledge to dive deeper into Decisions and apply this new knowledge to resolve an actual software solution.

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