Configuring Locations
  • Updated on 05 Mar 2019
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Configuring Locations

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The Locations folder stores information about various companies and divisions within companies. You can store address information of the company or division, its business days, and business hours. These locations will be used as components for the creation of flows, forms, rules and reports.
To add a new location, navigate to the folderSystem > System Data > Locations . Click theAdd Location button and enter data on the Add Location pop-up.


This example will add a location and add a holiday for that location.
To view our locations, in the Folders tree, select System > System Data > Locations. The Locations folder data panel displays, with a list of locations. 
To add a location, click Edit in the Entity Actions menu at the lower right of the Studio.

In the Edit Location pop-up, enter a name for the location, along with any other available information. The more information we enter for a particular location, the more useful that location will be as a component in the designers.

Set Work Days by selecting and clearing the check boxes next to each day's name. Set Work Hours by choosing the Open Time and Close Time . It is possible to set opening and closing times for specific days of the week as well.
Click OK to save.


To edit a location, in the Locations folder data panel, right-click a location name and select Edit , or select Edit from the entity Actions menu at the lower right of the Studio. The Edit Location pop-up displays, where we can add and edit information.

To specify local holidays for a particular location, in the Locations folder data panel, click on the location to open it, and select Add Holiday .


The Add Holiday pop-up displays. Enter a name for the holiday, a brief description, the date on which it occurs, and click OK .


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