Setting Up Notifications for Events within a Folder
  • Updated on 12 Jun 2013
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Setting Up Notifications for Events within a Folder

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You can add a notification to a folder contextually, assigning the notification type and notification mode directly to a folder. The platform has a wide variety of default notification types, the events that trigger the notification to be sent, such as comment created, group deleted, and page edited. Notification modes include email, SMS, PopUp, and Twitter.
To add a notification to a folder, select the folder, select the Actions menu in the upper right, and select Add > Notification .


This example adds a notification to the Assignment Flow folder. The notification will send an email and a PopUp message to the account

In the Add Notification pop-up, in theNotification Type drop-down list, select the Comment Created option. Each time a comment is created in this folder, the system sends a notification.
To configure which users receive the notification, click the Add button to the right of the Notification to Type and select Notify to Account .


In the Edit Object pop-up, click theAccount Name selector.
In the Select Account pop-up, in the list on the right, select the name of the account to receive the notification.

Click OK to close the Select Account pop-up, then click Save on the Edit Object pop-up.
In the Add Notification pop-up, next to Notification Modes , select the Email and Popup checkboxes.

Under Notifcation Processing , if a particular processing flow is needed to run first before sending the notification, check theProcess Before Sending checkbox.

If you want to exclude a user, group, etc. from receiving the notification, add that information to the Do Not Notify List field.

Click Add Notification to save the notification.

When any user adds a comment to theAssignment Flow folder, the account will receive an email and popup notification.

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