Setting Up Email Response Scheduled Job
  • 24 Feb 2022
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Setting Up Email Response Scheduled Job

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An Email Response Job is type of Scheduled Job that is used in the handling of Email responses to Assigned Forms (Assignments).

These are especially useful in instances that involve the use of Assigned Forms as a means of data collection/Survey taking as they can be set to run in reaction to an Email inbox's activity.

The following document demonstrates how to configure Email Workflow Response Jobs for use in an Email Response Handling process. 


  1. From the Decisions Studio, navigate to the System > Jobs and Events > Scheduled Jobs. Then, select New Email Workflow Response Job on the Global Action Bar.
  2. In the resulting window, provide the desired Job Name.
  3. Under EMAIL SERVER INFORMATION, provide the server configurations; select the type of server from Mail Type dropdown, provide a Mail Server Name, User Id, Password, and Port number, 
  4. Under Schedule Configuration > Calendar, define the desired configurations; utilize the CALENDAR INFORMATION category for additional configuration options.

    Then, click SAVE.
    Configuring a Scheduled Job's Run Schedule 
    The CALENDAR INFORMATION category is used to dictate more detailed specifications for a Scheduled Job. It is used to determine when and how often the job runs. 

  5. Verify that the new Scheduled Job appears in the All Active Scheduled Jobs Report. If desired, right-click the job to Disable, Edit, or Run it. 

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