Setting Up Email Response Scheduled Job
  • Updated on 05 Mar 2019
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Setting Up Email Response Scheduled Job

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An Email Response Job is used for handling email responses to assigned forms. For an explanation of how to configure email responses to assignments, please see Handling Task Assignment Via Email Response or Embedded Links .  Start by configuring an Email Response Scheduled Job .

Navigate to the System > Jobs and Events > Scheduled Jobs folder in the Portal. Then select New Email Workflow Response Job on the Folder Actions Panel*.*

Next, we need to configure our Email Response Scheduled Job . For more instructions on how to set Email Response Scheduled Job please click here .


Our Scheduled Job shows up in the Folder

Next, navigate to the existing Designer Folder (or create a new one ) and click Create Flow on the Folder Actions Panel. Next name the Flow, leave the other properties as default, and click OK to proceed to the Flow Designer.

Show form (Assignment Form): Favorites>Show Form

Show Form
On the Show Form Step select Pick or Create Form and then chooseCreate to begin designing a new Form.

In the Form designer build a Form for the assignment. Note in the design shown below there are no added buttons for outcomes. When Action Outcomes are congifured on the assignments they will create different outcome pathways. Finish designing our Form , we can save and close the Form Designer.

Back in the Flow Designer we double-click our Form Step to open its properties editor. Next, we change the Assignment Type from InSession to Assigned . In the Assignment dialog we pick the assignee. Under Assign to Users we click Add New then select a user and click OK . Click Done when finished.

Back in the Properties Editor of our Form Step, under Action Based Outcomes we click Add New.


In the resulting dialog, we configure an Action Based Outcome for a Denied response, as shown below, and click OK . (The Alternative Responses are other ways the approver can respond via email that the flow will still recognize. These are optional but will help prevent errors from occurring.)

Then, we add another Action Based Outcome for an Approved response, as shown below, and click OK .

In this way we end up with twoAction Based Outcomes ( Approve and Deny*)* with Alternative Response Options.

Next, under Email Response Handling > Email Handling we select Email Response Only from the drop down list.

At this point, new Email Handling Settings become required. Note: the From property has a validation error because the From Email Address should match the Email Address that is monitored by our Email Response Schedule Job.

Next, in the From field we set the email to come from the same user as we chose previously. Under Email To Suggest Handling, we click Show Editor to configure the Subject and Body of the assignment email.

In theBody of the email, be sure to include ResponseId and InlineResponse data. Click OK when done.

There is a second set of properties underEmail When Response Does Not Match. These properties are used when the email response of the approver does not match any expected response. To configure this email we click Show Editor for the Body of the email and provide a message such as that shown below:


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