Setting Up Decisions Demo VM
  • Updated on 07 Feb 2017
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Setting Up Decisions Demo VM

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This tutorial demonstrates how to set up Decisions Demo Virtual Machine on Oracle VM Virtual Box example.
Oracle VM Virtual Box is free and can be downloaded from the official website here .
Then, navigate to** and pick desirable version of Decisions release*.* Select All Releases.


On the next screen select an install. In this example select 5.0 GA.

In the resulting window select Download VM option. And, the browser starts downloading a Zip file around 12Gb in size.

After the file is downloaded locate it and extract its content.

Once extracted double select DecisionsDemoVM . This will open the Oracle VM Virtual Box Manager and the Import Virtual Appliance dialog will open also, ready with the Decisions Demo VM to Import.
The Appliance Settings can be adjusted as needed. When finished, select Import .

Importing process starts and Oracle VM Virtual Box creates all files and directories for our VM .

After importing process is done the Decisions Demo VM will show in the Oracle VM Virtual Box Manager . Select it and chose Start .

Virtual Machine starts. After it is loaded up, open Internet Explorer in VM and openDecisions Portal.

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