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Script Form Step For External Forms

  • Updated on 05 Mar 2019
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A Script Form Step was designed for doing additional work with javascript before processing an External Form . This tutorial shows a simple example of how to configure and use the Script Form step in a flow .
This document applies only to 5.0 versions.

Simple Script Form Step

On the Script Form Step under theScript section, there are two options for the Script Source:
NVelocity andData

  • Data : Allows script data to pass to the step.
  • NVelocity: Allows script to be manually entered in the text box underScript Data.
  • NVelocity Script Source: Use NVelocity and add the script in the text box under Script Data**[NVelocity].**

In this example, use NVelocity Script Source. Use NVelocity and add the script in the text box under Script Data [NVelocity]. If passData needs to be passed to this step select Add New under the Expose Data On Service section.

On the Script Form Step in the properties tab in the Service Definition section under Service Outcomes, select Add New and add an outcome path.

Select Integration on the orange action panel to view how to interact with script forms.

Under External Form Integration Details select Script Forms and view details for Script Form.

Select Script Form Details and view Javascript details.

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