How to Run Decisions With TLS-1.0 Disabled
  • Updated on 16 Mar 2016
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How to Run Decisions With TLS-1.0 Disabled

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This document describes how to set up environment to run Decisions with TLS-1.0 disabled.
First, we need to make sure that we use Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Service Pack 3 or higher.
In this example we have Microsoft SQL Server 2012 so we update to Service Pack 3 first.
downloadSqlServer.png{height ="352" width="783"}
We run all required checks and restart computer.
installSqlServerUpdate.png{height ="597" width="796"}
Then after Update Progresses
updateProgress.png{height ="600" width="800"}
We close SQL Server Update Utility.
installed.png{height ="599" width="798"}
Next, we openCommand Prompt console and stop IIS with “net stop w3svc” command.
stopIIS.png{height ="520" width="796"}
Then, we open Local Services and stop Service Host Manager.
stopDecisions.png{height ="543" width="799"}
Next we are going to update ourMicrosoft .Net Framework to 4.6 version.
installNet46.png{height ="336" width="794"}
Install*.NET Framework 4.6* .
installNet.png{height ="519" width="598"}
After .NET Framework 4.6 installation complete…
downloadingNet.png{height ="519" width="598"}
Close*.NET* installation dialog.
netInstalled.png{height ="519" width="598"}

Next, disable TLS 1.0 in IIS .
Then, we open Command Prompt and start IIS with “net start w3svc” command.
startW3svc.png{height ="513" width="785"}
Next we go to Local Services and Start Service Host Manager.
startSHM1.png{height ="585" width="800"}
Finally, we open Decisions Portal .
runDecisions.png{height ="414" width="801"}

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