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Reusable Pieces

  • Updated on 08 Jan 2019
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Sub Flows
In Decisions any item, Flow, Rule or Form can be reused in different projects as many times as needed. An entire Flow can be reused in another Flow by using a sub flow. Simply add the flow you would like to reuse to a sub flow in multiple flows. Create a rule and then add the same rule to multiple flows to reuse the logic that has been previously set up.  When Forms, Flows, and Rules have reused all changes that are made in that item will apply to anywhere that the item is being reused.

Sub flows

Look up Lists & Constants
The Lookup List is a Folder containing a collection of system constants and lookup lists. That can be created and used in Flows or Rules as reusable data. These lists are usually common names, places, numbers, or other types of information that can help decipher a field.

Lookup Lists

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