Rerunning Interception Rules
  • Updated on 06 Oct 2016
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Rerunning Interception Rules

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This tutorial demonstrates how to rerun Interception Rules on Intercepted Data in Decisions 4.0.
Note:  to setup environment for this tutorial please follow ***‘Setting Up Interceptor Pattern’*** and ‘Creating Rules From Intercepted Data’ documents.
After we have our Interceptor Pattern set, intercepted data is stored in Rule Set Results Folder .
When we create or delete Rules in Interceptor Pattern we can rerun updated Rule Set against either one Instance of the Process or against All Intercepted Data.
In this example we are going to demonstrate how to rerun changed Interceptor Rules against Intercepted Data.
In our Rule Set Results Folder located in Rule Set Folder we have two Instances of Intercepted Data . First Instance was intercepted breaking only one Rule : Full Name Is Empty . Then, State Is KY Interceptor Rule was added to the Rule Set . Process Flow was ran again and second Intercepted Data broke two Rules : Full Name Is Empty and State Is KY.

On Intercepted Results Report we select Intercepted Data that breaks only one Rule (Full Name Is Empty) . Then, we click Run Rules > This Instance on Folder Actions Panel . This Action reruns our Rule Set against selected Intercepted Data.

Now, we should be able to see that our second Record is intercepted for two reasons: Full Name Is Empty and State Is KY.

Next, we are going to modify our Rules in a Rule Set . In a Rule Set Folder we locate a thumbnail for Full Name Is Empty Interceptor Rule and click Edit on thumbnail Menu .

In the Rule Designer we locate Enabled Settings and uncheck Enabled check-box. This disables the Rule . We save the Rule and close Rule Designer.

Then, we Edit State Is KY Interceptor Rule.

In the Rule Designer we add Not to our Rule Phrase. Now this Rule will be intercepting Records where State field in not KY . We save the Rule and close Rule Designer.

Next, we navigate to the Rule Set Results Folder and on the Folder Actions Panel we click Run Rules > All Intercepted . This Actions will run our modified Rule Set against all Intercepted Data instances.

Because we changed our State Is KY Rule and disabled Full Name Is Empty Rule , our Intercepted data releases and next Record where State Is not KY is intercepted.

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