Report Output Template
  • Updated on 05 Mar 2019
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Report Output Template

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This tutorial demonstrates how to configure the settings for Report Data to Output information onto an Excel Template.
Note: A Report should already be created in order to upload Report Data onto an Excel Template.

Create an Excel Template to run a Report. Start in designer Folders and navigate to the System > Designers > Report Output > Templates Folder and select Add Excel Template from the Folder Actions Panel.


In theData section under Name create the Template name. In theTemplate Properties section under Template Drag orChoose the Excel File Template.

This Excel File can contain any components like Logo's and columns formatting. 

In this Example configure the Report Data to the Start Row and Start Column . TheReport Data will populate the specified rows and columns. 

In the Data Grouping section select the properties needed for the report. Check the box next to Include Groups so that they display on the Report. Select Save Template to save the***Excel Template.***

The New Excel Template is saved in the Templates Folder and should be available in the drop down to use when downloading the report to send.

After the Excel Template has been created, Navigate out and back into thedesigner Folder. Open the Folder with the Data that is going to populate the Excel File Template (My Company Excel Template).

In the Settings section under Format select Excel. Now under the Output Type now chooseDefault Excel Template (previously uploaded), this is where the Report Data is uploaded onto the Default Excel Template. Select Proceed to continue and download.

Portal prepares printing view and we can click Download Exported Report link to save our Report .


The file was successfully downloaded. 

Now open the**Accounts Report Excel File** in Excel, Google sheets or any other software compatible. The Report will now be completely uploaded to the Excel Template.

Finally, locate the file that was downloaded and open it. This time the report output has been formatted with the custom Template .

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