Report Filter Change using a Flow Run Part
  • Updated on 09 Nov 2018
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Report Filter Change using a Flow Run Part

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Utilizing a Flow Run Part on a Dashboard can filter a Report on the same Dashboard. This example will allow users to type in an email address and the report will change and only show the user the Account with that email.

Begin by creating a Designer Folder , add at root. Within that Designer Folder, create another folder that will house the Dashboard for this example.  

Next in the bottom folder actions panel select, Create Report. This report will take in Account as the Data Source. Add Email Address and Account ID as the Data Fields. Add Email Address Contains from Filters > Field Filter > Email Address. Within the Properties panel, select Show all data when filter value is empty. Save and Close the report.


Back in the Designer Folder select, Create Flow and name it "Search", within the flow designer, drag and drop a Show Form step from the Steps panel.
Within the Show Form dialog, create a new form, name it and select Create, this will open the form designer.


This form only needs a text box, a label for the text box and a button. Configure as following. Save and Close the form designer then save and close the flow designer.

Back in the Designer Folder select, Create Flow and name it "Report Filter", select CREATE.
Select the Start step.  Under Flow Data > Flow Input Data select Show Editor. Define Email Address as a String.

Drag and drop a Set Dashboard Report Parameters step from the Steps panel within Integration > Reporting onto the work space.
Under Inputs > Folder ID select Constant. This needs to be the Folder ID of the second Folder created. Back in the Designer Folder, select the folder created to house the dashboard, in the action menu select Manage > Get Folder ID, copy and paste this ID as the Constant under Folder ID.
Under Inputs > Text Field Filter select Email Address from flow. 
Save and Close the Flow Designer.

Back in the Designer Folder select, Create Report, then select Page and CREATE.
Add a Flow Run Part from the Page Elements panel to the top of the Page.  In the Properties panel under Flow ID select the Search Flow that was created earlier that contained the form.
Add a Report Viewer from the Page Elements panel to the bottom of the Page. In the Properties panel under Report Setup > Default Report select the Report that was created in this example. 
Save and Close the Page Designer.

Navigate to the Folder that the ID was copied from. In the folder actions panel select Manage > Page > Add Page. In the Add Page dialog name the Page, then Pick the page that was just created. Select OK to save.
Open the folder, the page will show.

Type an email address and the report will filter to show the matching email. 

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