Create Tag Report
  • Updated on 09 May 2013
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Create Tag Report

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A tag report lists all of the tags used in the portal. Use the report to identify redundant tags, to establish naming conventions for tags, or to ensure that tags exist for all entities you wish to be tagged.
Create a tag report using the Report Designer by dragging a Tag Data Source component to the workspace, then adding the columns for the report to the Results tab.


In the example, we will:

  1. Create a report.

  2. Add a data source and columns to the report.

  3. View the report that lists all of the tags used in the system.

To begin, we navigate to a designer project folder, click the Create Report button and select Create Report .


We give the report a name and click OK .

In theReport Designer , in the Components panel, from the Data Sources > Common Data Sources category, we drag a Tag Data Source component to the Sources list.


Next, from the Data Fileds category, we select Add and then select an Id component.

Next, we select a Tag component. 
Finally, we select a Short Type Name component.

We have finished building the report, so we save the report and close theReport Designer .

To view the report, we click the new report's thumbnail and select Run Report from the Action menu.

The report displays a list of all tags used in the system.

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