Reassigning To Do Tasks
  • Updated on 12 Jun 2013
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Reassigning To Do Tasks

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To Do assignments are actionable notes that can be assigned to users, group, roles, or folders. These notes can be assigned automatically by flows or on command by users. Users who receive To Dos will find them listed in the Tasks panel in the portal.


In the example, we will cover:

  1. Create a To Do task and assign it to ourselves.

  2. Reassign the task to a group.

  3. Reassign the task to an account.

  4. Reassign the task in every user who has permissions to access the folder where the task is stored.

  5. Remove assignment.

In the home page of the User Portal , click Actions > Add > Entity > and select To Do (Assigned To Me) .


In the resulting To Do(Assigned To Me) popup, fill out the Add a To Do Assignment and Description fields, then click OK .

Since the assignment is to ourselves (the current user), it will appear in the My Task List .


To reassign this assignment to a group, click on the assignment and select Change Assignment > Re-Assign To Group .


In the Re-Assign to Group popup, select a group, such as Managers , and click CHANGE .


Our assignment has been reassigned to the Managers group. Members of this group can see the Assignment in their Tasks List .

A user can be selected to receive an assignment by selecting Re-Assign to Account rather than Re-Assign To Group .
A user can also reassign this assignment to users that have specific permissions for the folder where our assignment resides. To do this, select the assignment and select Change Assignment > Re-Assign to Users with Permission .

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