Passing Inputs on a Flow Sourced Report
  • Updated on 05 Mar 2019
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Passing Inputs on a Flow Sourced Report

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This example demonstrates how to pass inputs on a Flow Sourced Report using two different reports and then displaying both reports on a single Page .  The Page will give a view of the Feilds that each account is associated with. This example uses accounts and then displays a list of the groups associated with each account when that account is selected.



  • GetGroupsForAccount: Integrations>Internal Services>Group Services> GetGroupsForAccount

The image below displays a flow built for the purpose of getting accounts from a database using a step called GetGroupForAccount and then outputs groups for each account. 

Start Step

On theStart Step under Common Properties and Under Flow Data select Show Editor and add Flow input data. For this example, accountid (string) is used as theInput name.

Get Groups For Account

Select Get Groups For Account Step. Under Inputs next toaccount id chooseSelect From Flow and Pick theInput name created on theStart Step.

End Step

Select theEnd Step under Common Properties. UnderData and underOutput select Show Editor to add Output Data. For this example,grouplist (Group) is used as theOutput name. Under Inputs and next to grouplistchoose Select From Flow

Now save and exit the flow to Navigate back to the designer Folder.

Create a Report

In the designer Folder create a Report that collects and displays all Accounts and a Report that displays the Groups.

Account Report

Create a report that passes in Account as the Data Source. Under Data Sources select Common and then Account Data Sources. UnderData Fields select Add and choose the Fields that will display on the report. The report example hasEmail Adress and Account ID added to the Fields displayed.

In Data Fields select Account Id column and select Send Data as Filter Change Source and make the Filter change source accountid. This name has to match the configuration name on the other report. 

Group Report

Create a report that is sourced from a Flow. This example shows the Flow Output name isgroup list. To pass in the Flow Data in the report selectAdd underData Sources chooseGroup Report Source Flow. Under Data Fields select Add to choose the Data Fields for display**.** Next, under Settings and underRuntime Behavior chooseGet Values From Other Reports. UnderConfiguration enter the Input name created on theStart Step.

Create a Page

Create aPage that displays both reports, using theReport Viewer. Select a row in the account, theReport Viewer will show all groups associated with the selected row.  In this example, is selected on the left side of the Report Viewer and on the right side of the page the groups are listed under Group Id.

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