Migrating From a Tenant Instance to a Standalone Database
  • 16 Feb 2022
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Migrating From a Tenant Instance to a Standalone Database

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Multi-Tenancy in v8 provides Administrators the flexibility and option to establish Tenant Instances from any desire locations. This may be completed by installing a new Version Installation Tenant Instance from scratch, or by migrating a pre-existing standalone environment into a Hosted Tenant Instance.

Conversely, Tenant Instances can be migrated back into standalone databases. This allows Administrators the ability to detach a database from a Multi-Tenancy as desired/needed.

The following document demonstrates how to migrate a Tenant (Hosted) Database to a Standalone (Unmanaged) Database


  1. From the Local File System of the Standalone Database navigate to C:\Program Files\Decisions\Decisions Server and open Settings.xml in a Text Editor
  2. From Settings.xml, change the value in between the <ServerType/> tags from "Hosted" to "Unmanaged". 
  3. Save and close the Settings.xml.
  4. Right-click DecisionsServerInstaller.exe and select Run as administrator
  5. From the Decisions Installer, select RESTART SERVICE. 
  6. After the Decisions Service restarts, open and log into the Decisions Studio/User Portal for the respective database; verify that the Hosting Folder is no longer accessible via System

For more information regarding Multi-Tenancy, see Decisions Forum: Multi-Tenant.

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