Merging Report Fields in a Property Grid
  • Updated on 09 Oct 2013
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Merging Report Fields in a Property Grid

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Combining data from two sources in one column on a report can make reports more useful.  Merged data can summarize information, assist in analysis, or provide new insights into report content.
To merge report fields, in the Report Designer , in the Toolbox Panel , expand the Calculated Columns category and drag a CombineTextFields component to the workspace.
The goal of this example is to:

  1. Create a report containing information about the documents in a folder.

  2. Combine data from two sources into one column on a report.

To begin, navigate to a Designer Folder , click the Create Report button, and select Create Report .


Give the report a name and click Ok to open it in Report Designer .


To start building the report, select a data source and filter.
In the Toolbox Panel , under the category Data Sources > Common , select a Document Data Source component for the Sources list.  This source bases the report on information related to the documents stored in system folders.
In the category Data Filters > In Folders , select a For Folder component for the Filters list.


Because a For Folder filter is being used, the folder this filter will access must be set.
With the For Folder filter selected, in the Properties Panel , click the Pick selector.


In the resulting pop-up window, select the folder to use in the report filter and click Ok .


Next, add columns to the report.
In the Data Fields field , select the Add button and select an Entity Name , Document Type , Doc Size , and Created By component for the workspace.


To add a column (Data) with merged data, expand the Calculated Columns category in the Add Data Field pop up and select a CombineTextFields component for the workspace.


The Property Grid pop-up window opens, and the user can select the data to merge.  The data available to be merged is based on the selection of the Document Data Source .  The user can merge data from any two sources relating to a document entity.
Go to the Data Section and in the First Field drop down list, select Document File Nam e .  In the Second Field drop down list, select Doc Size .  Select Ok to save.


This completes the report, save it and close the Report Designer .
To run the report to see the merged field, select the report and select Run Report from its Auction menu.


The report opens, with the column combine_text_fields containing data from the merged fields.


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