HTML to Word Document Step
  • Updated on 23 Dec 2014
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HTML to Word Document Step

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This tutorial shows how to use Html To Word Document step. This step can be found under Data > Html category in the ToolBox in the Flow Designer . This step can be used to convert Html Document into Microsoft Word Document.

For this example we created a simple Html Document that looks like following in the Internet Browser.


The Html code for this Document as follows:


We begin in theDesigner Folder with clickingCreate Flow button from Folder Actions panel.

Next, we Name our Flow and click CREATE to proceed to the Flow Designer.


In the Flow Designer we use Quick Add Step dialog to add Html To Word Document step to our Flow . We expand All Steps [Catalog] > Data > Html category, select Html To Word Document step and click Add .


Next, we add Show Form step to Done outcome from the Html To Word Document step. We locate Show Form step in the Quick Add Step dialog under Favorite Steps category. This Form will have Download File control for user to be able to download converted File.


In the resulting pop-up window we Name our Form and click Create to proceed to the Form Designer.


In the Form Designer we drag Button control from Actions category in the ToolBox to the workspace, and rename this control to Done . Next, we add File Download control from File Handling category to the workspace.


We configure our File Download control as following… We provide its Data Name with Name , Select its Type as Button , and provide this control with Text that will be shown on this control.


Our Form Design should look as following. When finished, we can Save the Form and close Form Designer to return back to theFlow Designer.


Back in the Flow Designer we connect our Form to the [End Step]


Next, we select Html To Word Document step in our Flow , and use Edit Step layer to map the Data to this step. First, we selectConstant Mapping type for the File Name , and type desirable File Name in the Value box. Mention, that we use .docx file extension in the File Name value.


Next, we select the HTML mapping type as Constant and insert the HTML code in Value


Then, we select our Show Form step in the Flow and map Data to this step using Edit Step layer. For the File field we use Select Value Mapping type. Next, we use Value Picker to map this Value to the Doc File outcome from the Html To Word Document step.


Finally, we connect Failed outcome from the Html To Word Document step to the End Step in our Flow . This completes our Flow Design . We can click Debug Flow on the Top Panel of the Flow Designer to test our Flow .


Our Form opens in the Debugger and we clickDownload File control to download converted File


We click Done button on our Form in the Debugger to close the Form .
In the Debugger Diagram we can observe that our Flow ran to the End Step with no errors.


We locate and open our Converted File … Confirm that the File looks the same as when it was opened with Internet Browser.


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