Grouping and Sorting Report Results
  • Updated on 11 Oct 2013
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Grouping and Sorting Report Results

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Report Results can be sorted and grouped by column value.
To group report results in the Report Designer , select the header of the column to be grouped, click the icon that appears, and select Group .  At runtime use the icons on the column header to change the report grouping.
Sort report results at runtime by clicking the column header.
The goal of this example is to:

  1. Create a report.

  2. Group the information based on a specific column.

  3. View the results.

Begin by navigating to a Designer Folder .  Click on the Create Report button and select Create Report from the resulting menu.

In the resulting New Report popup window give the report a name and click OK .

Define a data source for the report by selecting Folder Data Source from the Data Sources > Common .

Next, expand the Folder Data Sources category and select Entity Name , Folder Type Name , and Nesting Level into the workspace.

Next, group the results by Nesting Level .  Select the Nesting Level column and in its Action menu select Group .

The report entries will be grouped according to the value that appears in their Nesting Level cell. 
This completes the report.  Save it and close the Report Designer .

Back in the portal, select the desired report and in its Action menu, select Run Report .

The report will open in a new window.  The user can hover over each column’s header and sort the results in ascending or descending order according to the column’s values.

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