Generating a Unique ID
  • Updated on 09 May 2013
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Generating a Unique ID

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The Generate GUID component creates a unique identifier for use in your flows. It can be found in the Toolbox panel, under the Data category.
Our example flow will generate a unique identifier and display it inside a form input.

Begin by creating a flow. Navigate to a Designer Folder and click the Create Flow button. Name the flow and click OK .


The first step is to place the Generate Guid component in the flow. It can be found in the Flow Designer's startup window, under the All Steps [Catalog] > Data category.
To quickly locate any component, use the Flow Designer startup window's search box. Enter "guid" in the search box, then select a Generate Guid component, and click Add to place it into the workspace.

Next, place a form to display the data. The form for this example has already been built and saved in the Designer Folder. It simply contains one text box that accepts the GUID as input, and an OK button.
Next create a form named Display Guid after Generate Guid step , then connect the outcome paths in the flow.

To display the unique identifier that was generated in our previous step, we need to map it to our form's lone input in the Mapping Editor. We selectDisplay Guid Form and click the Show Mapping Editor link in the Properties panel.

Connect the anchor from the Guid output to the form's GUID input and click OK .



Once our mapping is completed, our flow is ready to test. Save the flow and run it in the Debugger.
Note that in Decisions version 3.5 and above, you’ll need to click on Test Flow to access the Debugger.

Notice the form pre-populated with a unique identifier displayed on the form.


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