Flow Aware Rule
  • Updated on 07 Mar 2017
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Flow Aware Rule

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This tutorial demonstrates how to create and use Flow Aware Rule . This type of the Rule is introduced in Decisions 4.0 . The main feature of this Rule is that it can be used in the Flow only and it is aware of all data in Flow . Mention, input data for this type of the Rule cannot be defined. Flow Aware Rule was designed to speed up Workflow development process.
In this example we are going to create and overview Flow Aware Rule.
We begin in the Designer Folder with clicking Create Flow on the Folder Actions Panel. Then, we Name the Flow and click CREATE to proceed to the Flow Designer.

In the Flow Designer we select Start step and click Show Editor to add Flow Input Data.

In the Data Definitions window we add a simple String input . And, close this window.

Then, we add Flow Aware Rule step from Flows, Rules, Forms and Reports > Rules category.

Next, we click Edit link under Rule options in the Edit Step: Flow Aware Rule window.

Rule Designer opens… Mention, that in the Start Rule window we cannot add Rule Input data.  Our Flow Input String that we defined on the Start Step is available . We close Rule Designer.

Back in the Flow Designer we add another Flow Input Data.

Then, we go back to Edit our Flow Aware Rule…

Now, both of our Flow Inputs are available in the Rule . Flow Aware Rule updates its data based on the data in Flow .

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