Exporting a Report to Excel (XLSX)
  • Updated on 09 Oct 2013
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Exporting a Report to Excel (XLSX)

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A report can be exported to PDF or Excel format.  To download a report to Excel , while viewing the report, click the Download/Send Report button, select the Excel option and click Print .  The report is exported using the current view and can then be downloaded and opened in .xlsx format.
The goal of this example is to:

  1. Create a report.

  2. Run the report.

  3. Download it in .xlsx format.

  4. View the downloaded report in Excel.

To begin, navigate to a Designer Folder , click the Create Report/Page button and select Create Report .

Give the report a name and click OK to open it in the Report Designer .

To begin building the report, add a data source.
Under Data Sources , click Add and navigate to Common > Folder Data Source .

Next, add some columns to the report.
Under Data Fields , click Add and select Entity Name , Folder Type Name , and Nesting Level .

This completes the report.  Save and close the report designer.
To export the report data to Excel , first run the report by right-clicking the report and selecting Run Report from the Action menu.
If the report is selected, there will also be a menu to the right with an option to Run Report .

Select the Download/Send Report button to download the report.

In the Download/Send Report dialog, select the Excel option and click Proceed .

Select the Download Exported Report link.

The exported report downloads in .xlsx format.
Locate the downloaded Excel file and open.

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