Export Wizard
  • Updated on 19 May 2015
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Export Wizard

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Decisions allows for the Importing and Exporting of Entities and Projects.  This allows for the easy transfer of Flows, Forms, and Entities between Users.  Our examples will go through the process of Exporting a single entity and an entire project. Binary serialized data members are not supported.
Exporting Single Entity
First, we locate a thumbnail for the Flow we want to export and from its Action menu select Import/Export > Export.

Export Wizard window pops-up. In this Wizard user can select an existing project from the list or create a new project by typing Project Name in the text box on the left hand side.

We type the Name for the New Project and click Continue.

In the resulting window Wizard prompts the user with all information about the Project . We have several options here: Download Single Item, Download Project, and Download Project With Dependencies. For this example, we choose Download Single Item and select Continue...

In the resulting window we click Download link…

Back in the Export Wizard before selecting Continue, we can select theChange Project link to navigate us to the previous Form in the Wizard where we are able to Create a new Project or to Pick a Project from the list of existing modules.

We pick the Project from the list and click Continue .

In the resulting window we can confirm that the module for our Flow is changed.

Mention, that when we associate an entity with the Project, there are new Actions created for the entity Export . From entity Action menu we select Import/Export > Export > Export Dependencies option. This option allows the user to Export the dependencies associated with this Entity. Or we could select Remove From project, which removes the association of the project to the Entity.
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Exporting Folder
From Folder Actions selectImport/Export > Export

Export Wizard pops up. We enter a Name for the New Project and click Continue .

In the resulting window we are able to: Exclude History, Exclude Hidden, Include Sub Folders, and Include Dependencies Then, we click Export to proceed to the Download window.

On the next window, we can choose all the entities to download with the project.

On the Download window we click Download link and follow the instructions to save the file.

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