Using Group Actions for Report Entities
  • Updated on 10 Oct 2013
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Using Group Actions for Report Entities

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You can perform group actions for entities in a report. To select multiple entities in a report, first click the Multiple Selection button in the top right of your page. Then right-click the entities and click Manage to see the list of actions you can perform on the group.


The goal of this example is to:

  1. Create a portal page and add a report viewer to display a report in the current folder.

  2. View the page and use the Multiple Selection button to select multiple entities.

  3. View the options available for the selected entities.

To begin, select a Designer Folder and click the button Manage>Page>Add Page.

In the resulting pop-up window, name the page and click OK .

In the Toolbox Panel , expand the category Reports > [Existing Reports] > [Current Folder] > Report: Accounts Report and drag a Data View component to the workspace. (Note: for the Accounts Report to exist you must first create it.)

The page is now complete.  Save the page and close the Page Designer .
To view the report, select the page’s thumbnail, click its Action menu, and select View > Preview Page .

The page opens with the Document Report displaying in the Report Viewer .
Select the Multiple Selection button in the upper right.

A column of checkboxes is added to the report.

When you click multiple checkboxes to select entities, a Group Actions menu appears listing shared actions available to the selected group.

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