Enable Self-Registration of Users
  • Updated on 05 Mar 2019
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Enable Self-Registration of Users

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The Portal has options for allowing a user to self-register. This allows the user to create an account and log in to the system. The administrator enables this feature (it is disabled by default). This will enable self-registration and a Sign Up button will appear on the Portal login screen. That button takes the user to a form that requests account information and requires agreement to terms of use.
The Portal can also be configured to require that a self-registering user confirm their email address before granting the new account access to the system. A self-registered user has limited access to portal functionality, and is a member of the most-restrictiveAll Users group by default.


To enable self-registration, navigate to System>Settings and from the Folder Data list, select Portal Settings . Under Registration Settings , select the Allow Self Registered Users
checkbox. Require the user to provide and confirm a valid email address by selecting the Registered Users Must Confirm checkbox.


By default, an Account Confirmation Email generates an email message. To modify the email message, navigate to the Account Confirmation Flow, found under System>Shared Designer Defaults. As another option create a new flow to handle email confirmation and specify that flow here.


The Show Invite Action setting, when enabled, creates an Invite User option when you navigate to Security>Accounts folder menu. In the blue action panel across the top the Invite User button allows an Administrator to invite a user to register for using the Portal.


To invite a user to register, select the Invite User option.


Complete the User Info screen with the information for the user to invite and select Next .

Select the desired group in which the user will belong and click Next .


Configure the email subject and message as desired, and click Finish . The invited user will receive an email and is required to confirm the account before logging in to the Portal.

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