Emergency Password Reset Tool
  • Updated on 04 Apr 2019
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Emergency Password Reset Tool

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The Emergency Password Reset Tool allows a user on the host machine to reset any user's password from the command line. Note: That if the user running the command prompt doesn't have permissions to the Decisions folder, then this process will throw an error. Therefore,  open Command Prompt as an Administrator.

This utility is particularly useful in the event that an administrator's password needs to be reset, or after a malicious intrusion.

Install the Emergency Password Reset Tool in Decisions from the designer studio. In the action bar located at the top of the page select Resources>Install. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select All Releases. Choose the desired release and then select the version number. The Reset Tool can be found on our build site, under "Browse Files ", locate the file  called Decisions.PasswordReset.x64.msi.


Older Password Resets may not work on newer versions of Decisions. Download the one specific to your version.


Our example assumes that the platform has been installed in the default path and that the Administrator has not been changed from the default admin@decisions.com .

Start by opening a command prompt and then navigate to C:\Program Files\Decisions\Decisions Services Manager .

Type decisions.passwordreset.exeand press Enter . When executed without any arguments, the Emergency Password Reset Tool will return instructions for its usage, as well as an example.

Type decisions.passwordreset.exe admin@decisions.com newpasswordto reset the administrator's password to "newpassword". Upon changing the administrator's password, the platform will stop and restart its services. You will also be advised to set a new password for this account from within the portal, as a sound security practice.

For more information about Emergency Password Reset Tool,
Contact us atsupport@decisions.com

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