Data Grid vs Advanced Data Grid
  • 13 Sep 2022
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Data Grid vs Advanced Data Grid

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The Form Designer includes two grid components called Advanced Data Grid and Data Grid. Both of these components display a list of types to the user. If Custom right-click User Actions are needed on list items, then the Advanced Data Grid component should be used. The Data Grid should be used if Custom User Actions are not needed.

Data Grids using InlineEdit and Advanced Data Grids are not currently supported on Mobile Forms. 

Data Grid

Data Grids will display all the data members of a complex type or any declared user-defined type.

Property NameDescription
ColumnsAllows the user to choose which column to display by either adding or removing them
Default Grouping ColumnsGroups the Data Grid list items by a select column or columns
NameName of the Data Grid
Data NameData name for the component
PickTypesAllows the user to pick a composite type or create a type to display
TypeThe data type of the list
Grid ModeDefines how the data will be output

Data Grid (Advanced)

Instead of defining columns within the control properties like with the Data Grid, the Advanced Data Grid directs users to the Report Designer via the EDIT [Data Grid Name] REPORT under the SOURCE category. Users will be able to define the data fields that will appear in the grid. Advanced Data Grids are not currently supported on Mobile Forms.

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