Creating Your First Page
  • Updated on 24 Jul 2019
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Creating Your First Page

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A dashboard is a page that displays and organizes data so that it is easy to analyze. Dashboards use reports, charts and other components to allow users to quickly and easily interpret information.
Customize a dashboard by basing its components on reports related to almost any entity. A bar chart or pie chart can provide the user with a tool for quick analysis. A Report Viewer component can display any report.
The data on a dashboard is updated whenever the user opens the page containing the dashboard, so users always have access to current information.
Build a dashboard in the Page Designer , and set the dashboard component's properties in the Properties panel.


In the example, add a Report Viewer, a bar chart and a pie chart to a dashboard, then set each component's data source.

Begin by navigating to the folder that should contain the dashboard, and selectingManage > Page: Add Page from the folder action menu.
Screen Shot 2019-07-23 at 3.28.12 PM.png

In the Create New Page dialog, give the page a name and click OK .

In thePage Designer , begin building our dashboard by dragging the components of our dashboard to the work space. From the Page Elements panel, under the Reports category, we drag a Report Viewer component to the work space.


Next, we add a bar chart to the dashboard. Under the Charts category, we select the Bars component and drag it to the work space, placing it to the right of the Report Viewer .


Finally, we add a pie chart by dragging the Pie component to the work space, placing it below the bar chart.

Now that we've added the components to the dashboard, we set their data sources in the Properties panel.

First, we select the Report Viewer and in the Properties panel, we open theDefault Report selector to choose the data source.

In the Pick Entity dialog, we select the report to be the displayed on the Report Viewer , then click PICK .

We set the source for the bar chart by selecting it in the work space, and opening the Source selector in the Properties panel.

In the Pick Chart Source dialog, we click the source for the bar chart, then click OK .
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We have now finished configuring the page, so we save the page and close the Page Designer .
The new page displays with the components and data as we set it up.


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