Creating and Using Folder Entities
  • Updated on 17 Jul 2018
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Creating and Using Folder Entities

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Folder entities are defined data structures (think "object") which can be added to a folder via the Add>[MyFolderEntity] action. Folder entities can be created within a Designer Folder via the Create Datatypes button.
When an entity is created there are different settings that can manage actions, permissions, as well as extensions. These settings are defined after the Entity is created and a configuration folder is generated. When you create an entity there is a configuration folder that gets generated with it. Group and shared actions are defined from a configuration folder as well as visibility rules.


Begin by navigating to a Designer Folder, and selecting theDatatypes/Database >  User Defined Types>Entity action.

Give the Entity a Structure Type Name and add Field names and Types. Edit the Entity Features by selecting the Structure Type Name of the entity. After the Structure Type Name is selected the Entity structure settings will display on the right. 



  • Generate Entity Service: Allows you to integrate the entity as a service.


  • Enable Caching: Enables the entity to be loaded into the cache.
  • Hide In Search: This hides the data type from appearing when it is searched.
  • Include ID In Flow Cache Key: Enables the
  • Type Name Space : Creates the unique identifier for the entity (namespace.typename) and is used to generate the SQL table name for the entity (namespace_typename).
  • Audit Changes: Saves changes to entity data in the Audited Entities table. This option is used when data monitoring is required for this entity
  • Category Order:
  • Enable Batch Load: Allows some batch inserting actions to be taken on the back end.
  • Include Type Name in Description: This enables or disables the visibility of the Type name space.

Look up Lists:

  • Is lookup List: Enables the ability to reference. For example by adding an account.

When the check boxes next to these are selected the ability for the user to Add, Delete and Edit become visible to the user. This gives the user permission to Add to the entity, delete form the entity and also edit the entity. 
Custom folder entity actions can be secured through group memberships. For more information on custom actions please see attached link:

  • Show Add With Data: The user is given permissions to add data to the entity, this action is visible to the user.
  • Show Delete Action: The user is given permissions to delete an action, this action is visible to the user.
  • Show Edit Action: The user is given permission to edit the action, this action is visible to the user.

For more information on Extending Entities with Actions see attached link: .

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