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Creating a User Defined Type

  • Updated on 20 Mar 2019
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The Decisions platform lets you create custom user-defined types. User-defined types, or UDTs, are custom data types that are derived from existing data types. User-defined types let you create custom data structures based on your needs. For example, if you have a product with a set of properties, such as ID, creation and expiration dates, you can create a user-defined type with these specific properties.
For more on data types, see About Data Types .

Creating a User Defined Type

To create a user-defined type, begin in the Decisions Studio. Open a Designer Folder and, at the bottom of the panel, click Create Datatypes/Integrations > User Defined Types . There is a list of User Defined Ts you can create.

For more information on each, see the following articles:

For a summary of each of these and information on deciding which to use, see Understanding The Defined Data Structures .

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