Creating and Using Assignment Roles
  • Updated on 18 Mar 2019
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Creating and Using Assignment Roles

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Assignment roles are used to define responsibilities such as Designer, Analyst, Manager, or Change Advisor. Each role is comprised of groups and users. Entities such as To Dos, forms, reports, pages, or service catalog items can be assigned to assignment roles, as well as users and groups.
To create an assignment role, navigate to System > System Data > Assignment Roles and click the Create Assignment Role button.


  1. Create an assignment role.
  2. Add an account and a group to the assignment role.
  3. Access a flow, then assign a form in the flow to the assignment role.
  4. Run the flow.
  5. Navigate to theMy Home folder to see the task assigned to us in the Tasks list.

Steps Used in Flow:

  • Setup Process Folder: Flow Management > Data
  • Show Form: Favorite Steps

Begin in the portal by navigating to System > System Data > Assignment Roles and clicking the Create Assignment Role button.


In the resulting Create Assignment Role dialog, select the Name field and type "Assignment_Role".
Next to the Default Accounts list, select the Add New link.

In the resulting Select Account dialog, select an account or two then select OK.

Next to the Default Groups list, select the Add New link.

In the resulting Select Group dialog select a group then select OK.

This completes the assignment role, select Create.


To see the new assignment role in action, navigate to a Designer Project folder, Designer Folder. Edit a pre-designed flow called User Info Flow.


In the Flow Designer , select the Show Form step.


In the Properties panel, under the Assignment Setup section, select Assigned in the Assignment Type drop down.

Under the section Form Assignment > Assign > Assign To Role select the Pick link. In the resulting Select Assignment Role pop-up, we will select Assignment_Role and click OK .

Selecting edit in the above field (Assignment ) allows a popup window to change settings of the assignment. For Assignment Name , we will select a Mapping type of Constant and fill in Value with "Assigned to Role". For Assignment Action Name , we will select a Mapping type of Constant and fill in Value with "Form".


To view the assignment add a Setup Process Folder step before the form. This step is located in the steps panel Flow Management > Data category. Give the Process Folder a name and description. To learn more on setting up a process folder, check out this document:


This completes the flow, save and close the Flow Designer .

Back in Designer Folder, we will select the flow and, in its Action menu, select Run Flow.


The form in the flow is assigned. To see the assignment, decline to fill the form out immediately by clicking No on the dialog.
Navigate to the Process Folder where the assignment lives, here you can see the details regarding the assignment and complete it.


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