Creating an Email Event and Flow that uses Email Data
  • Updated on 05 Mar 2019
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Creating an Email Event and Flow that uses Email Data

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An email event is a change in state on an email server, such as when the server receives or relays an email. The system can be configured to handle email events for a email server.
During the setup process, configure the mail server name, and the user name and password of the account with events to handle.
To set up a flow to handle email events, navigate to the folder System > Events , then use the dialog to set up the flow. Once the set up is complete, continue configuring the flow in the Flow Designer so that the event information can be displayed.


In this example, an email inbox is watched for incoming mail. The mailbox is for requests for more information about a company's products and services. Upon the detection of a new message, the event service executes a flow that reads in the email data and executes a flow. The flow simply presents the email information in a form and tasks a sales representative with contacting the person making the inquiry.

To begin, navigate to the folderSystem > Jobs and Events > Events and click the Add Event button.


In the Please Select Events step, select Email Response Job and click Next .


In the Email Server Information step, in the Mail Type drop-down list, selectyour email mail type and enter a mail server name.
Enter the user name and password for the account with email events to handle. If required, you would also enter a port and determine if Override Port is needed and SSL Select Next .


In the Event Info step, enter a name for the event in theName field, a description, and click Next.
In the Simple Calendar step, a list of common intervals for event handling displays.

We want to select an interval that is not listed, select the Advanced option, click Next , then set up the custom interval.


In this example select Daily Schedule and click Next .

Once you received the Event is created message you can now edit the flow. Select Done.

Select the new event from the entity list and click Edit Flow from the entity actions menu.

Create a form and add labels which will identify the information collected from the email event for the selected account or group. 
The Email Event data can be found in the form toolbox underFlow Data> email_data . To show any data from the email event such as From or Subject, choose a [create] label (value) data element.


Once you've selected each form element needed to create your form, save and close the form. Right click on the form and select the Edit Flow Step .

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