Configuring Report View Modes
  • Updated on 10 Oct 2013
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Configuring Report View Modes

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View Modes refers to ways a report can display data. For example, you can choose to display data in Text, Tiles, and Calendar view modes, among others.
To add or change the view modes on a report, in the Reports Designer under Views click Add.


To begin, navigate to a Designer folder and click Create Report.

In the Create Report page, name the report and click OK.

In the Report Designer, set up an accounts report. Under Data Sources add the Account Data Source. Under Data Fields click Add to add various fields. Under Views click Add to add different view modes. 

After you add different view modes, you can select them to configure what data they will display in the report. Click the Calendar view mode and add the Created On Date data.

To test your report view modes, at the top of the Reports Designer click Run Report. The view modes you've added to the report appear as icons in the top left-hand corner.

Save and close your report to finish.

If you're displaying your report on a portal page, you can use additional settings in the report viewer component to further refine how your report data appear. This example will demonstrate that step.

To display report data in a portal page, first create a portal page. In a designer folder, at the bottom of the page click Create Report/Page > Create Page/Dashboard.

In the Page Designer, in the Page Elements tab on the right, expand Reports > [Existing Reports] > [Current Folder] > Report: Accounts Report (this report will appear if you have already created it, as explained above). Click and drag a Data View component onto the workspace. 

Click on the component in the workspace. In the Properties tab on the right side, expand View. All the view modes are selected by default.


The other properties in the View section let you set how your report data display. For example, under Default View you can set your report data to use a certain view mode by default.

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