Conditional Rule Sets
  • Updated on 22 Nov 2016
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Conditional Rule Sets

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In order to use  Rule Sets and  Interceptor RulesDecisions.FlowSets Module should be installed. To learn how to install Module in Decisions please click here . This tutorial demonstrates how to create and use Conditional Rule Sets in DecisionsConditional Rules provide the ability to create Rule Sets within aRule Set . A Conditional Rule Set may evaluate conditions to determine if this Rule Set needs to be executed. In addition, a Conditional Rule Set may Extend Rule Set input data.

In this example, begin by creating a simple Rule Set. Then create a Conditional Rule Set within this Rule Set. The Conditional Rule Set will define the conditions which will determine whether or not to run the Rule Set and extend input data for this Rule Set . Finally, we are going to create a simple Workflow to test ourConditional Rule Set.
Begin in the designer Folder by selecting Create Rule located on the Folder Action Panel and then select Rule Set.

Name Rule Set and select Create to save and continue.

In the Rule Set Folder , selectSetup Rule Set in Folder actions panel located across the bottom of the Rule settings editor.

In the Setup Rule Set designer, under Inputs select Add New and name the Rule Set Input,(Pet Type, String) . Under Setup select Scoring as your Usage type, also under Rule Set Type choose Conditional . Now Save and close the Setup Rule Set editor.  

In the Rule Set Folder choose Create Rule Set [Conditional] on the Folder actions panel.

Name the Rule Set and select Create to continue. For this example create two Rule Set conditions.
Cat Premium:

Set up the Rule, if the Pet Type equals Cat, the premium will be 1000. 

Dog Premium:

Set up the Rule, if the Pet Type Equals Dog the premium will be 1000. 

After the Rule set is set up a Conditional Rule is automatically set up as a result as well as a Data Extension Flow. Navigate to the designer Folder under the Pet Premium Rule, select Conditional Rule Set . The Conditional Rule Set Folder opens with a Rule and a Flow is created in the Set . In the Run Set Rule define the conditions to run this Rule Set. Edit the Data Extension Flow to extend Input data for this Rule Set. Edit the Run Set Rule.


In the Rule designer, if this Rule returns ‘True’ , the Conditional Rule Set will run. Choose Pet Type In list dog, Cat. The Conditional Rule will check to see if the animal is either a dog or a cat and then determine whether to even run the Rule Set. In this example the animal must be either a dog or cat or the Rule Set will not run.

A Data Extension Flow can be used to add Feilds to the defined Input of the Rule Set. 

This completes the example for Conditional Rule Sets . Connect the done pathway to the end step anddebug the flow to check the flow data.

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