Changing Page Name And Order On Folder View
  • Updated on 28 Jun 2017
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Changing Page Name And Order On Folder View

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This tutorial demonstrates how to change the Name and the Order of the page attached to the Folder .
To learn how to create Pages in Decisions , please click here .
To learn how to add Page to the Folder in Decisions , please click here .

In this example we are going to demonstrate how to change Page Name and Order by updating Page Data.
First, we need to create our Page . In the Designer Folder we click Create Form on the Folder Actions Panel then  Page> Create.


Next, we Name the Page and click Ok to proceed to the Page Designer . Read more on how to use Page Designer to build Pages here .

When our Page is ready, we can attach it to our Folder . For more information on how to use a Page as a Folder View read here .

In the Add Page pop-up window we define our Page Name (the Name that will be displayed as Folder View) , pick Page that we created and set the order. When finished, we click Ok to save and continue.

And, our Page is added to the Folder Views

Also, system creates Page Data entity for the Page that we attached to the Folder Views.

If we need to change the Name that displays on theFolder View or change the Order , we need to Edit Page Data related to the view.

After we edited Page Data , we click Ok to save and continue.

And, this updates Name and Order on the Folder Views panel.

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