Catching All Unconnected Outcomes
  • Updated on 09 May 2013
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Catching All Unconnected Outcomes

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The Catch Outcome step catches outcome paths that are unconnected from the rest of the flow. It provides a universal mechanism for handling them. Usually this step is used to simplify or clean up your flow. For example, if you have a certain outcome path that appears multiple times in your flow, you can use the Catch Outcome step to handle the paths instead of connecting them individually. 
To add the component to a flow, in the Flow Designer Steps panel on the right, under the category Flow Management , drag a Catch Outcome component to the workspace.


We've made an example flow that consists of a multi-step approval process. (For more information on creating a flow, see Creating Your First Flow .)

The flow shows a series of approval forms created with the Show Form step. If one form is approved, the process moves on the next form. If all three are approved, the flow sends an email (Send Email step). If any are rejected, the process goes down a reject path and ends the flow.
Each approval form has a reject path that ends the flow. We will delete each of these paths and leave them disconnected. (Notice this causes error warnings appear).

Now we add a Catch Outcome step (in the Steps tab on the right, under Flow Management > Catch Outcome ) and connect it to the End step.

Now we need to configure the Catch Outcome step. At this point it doesn't know what outcome path it is supposed to catch; we will configure it to catch the Reject path for all the approval forms. To do this, click on the step, then click on the Properties panel on the right.

Under Catch Outcome, click the drop down menu and select SpecifiedPaths. Under OnlyPathsNamed, we enter "Reject". (Note: you can enter multiple outcome path names by putting a line break between each.)

In the top bar, click Validate Flow. If you set up the step correctly, the error warnings will disappear from the approval steps.2017-12-27_100545-1024x485.png

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