Business Model
  • Updated on 27 Jul 2017
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Business Model

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This tutorial demonstrates how to use Business Model in Decisions . Business Model is introduced in Decisions 5.0 . With Business Model in Decisions users are able to design visual workflow diagrams and use them for presentation purposes on the Dashboards .
In this example we are going to demonstrate how to build a Business Model and use it on the Dashboard.
In the Designer Folder we click Create Report > Business Model on Folder Actions Panel.

Then, we name our Business Model and click CREATE .

Business Models are built in a Decisions Flow Designer with limited steps and abilities.
General Setup includes:

  • Override Handler Name
  • Background Color options
  • Links Color options
  • Node Labels settings
  • Link Labels options
  • Link Line Type
  • Jump Lines
  • Avoid Nodes


Step tools are limited to:
End, Start, Step, Swimlane

We drag Step to the work-space and connect Start Step . We can design a Step to look like we need in our Workflow model.

First, we name our Step .
Then, we click Shape Settings editor. In the resulting pop-up window we can define Font Attributes and different Shape properties. In the Shape Type drop-down we select Page – Form , then our step looks like a Form Step on the Flow.

In the Designer Position section we can adjust shape’s Width and Height .


Next, we connect an outcome Path from theForm Step to the End Step . We use a Label Annotation to indicate  the outcome path Name, this is "Cancel" in our model. 

Each Step in the Business Model can have any number of outcomes. If we hover over our Form Step , we should be able to see another outcome that can be used in the model.

Also, we are not limited to pick our Shape Types from the list of defined shapes in Decisions . If we pick Shape Type Image , we are open to use any image for the shape. Then, we can adjust Shape Background, Border Color and Border Width to create custom Shape .

We can build any Business Models like this…

Finally, we can display our Business Model on the Page in Decisions .
To learn how to build your first Page please click here .
In the Page Designer we locate Business Model component in Flows category and drag it to the work-space.

Then, using Flow ID picker inBusiness Model component settings we select our Business Model.

And our Page looks as following.

Also, we can easily attach this Page to the Folder .
To learn how to do it please click here .

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